35 common sense outdoor travel tips to remember.

1. Try not to stand on a loose rock, bend down and reach down to pull someone your weight.To lean back, pull your hands as close to your legs as possible as you can.Or use a piece of rope.

2, try not to shake hands with two people, from the bottom up people;Hold each other’s wrists.

3, try not to use dry branches or weeds or the diameter of your thumb than the tree branches, such as pull climbing;You can only climb with the pull of a rooted branch that is larger than your thumb.

4, try not to rely on the branches smaller than their wrists do horizontal bar, hanging bending branches to rise or fall, easy to break;Use branches that are thicker than your wrists or as close to the base of the stressed branch as possible.

5. Try not to climb with the help of a rock that is higher than your head and cannot be judged as solid or not. It is extremely dangerous to hang your life on a rock you do not know.It should be fixed at three points and verified with the strength of a limb before action.

6, try not to climb more rubble, snow and ice, easy to slide the slope, the adjacent team is too close;Make room for two more people than usual in case anyone below gets hurt.

7, try not to go down in the slippery slope time distance is too small;Wait until the safety of the people in front of the bottom, the back can be down;If possible, the person in front can protect the person behind.

8. Try not to have sediment, plant leaves, water, snow and other substances on the sole of mountaineering shoes that reduce the friction coefficient;With these materials, you can climb a huge rock only two-thirds of the way up the original slope, or your feet will slip.

9, try not to fatigue and carry heavy baggage on the steep slope of the rest, too anxious straight back rest;If tired, it is best to stop straight waist, turn back against the mountain, straight waist rest.Avoid rolling backward downhill.

10, try not to drill in the jungle before and after too close, rebound thorns easily hurt your eyes;Cover the eyes with the brim of your hat or with a climbing stick.

11, try not to drill in the jungle or stone forest, only know the bow, the head in the past, the bag and hip can not go;Squat, bend, bow, stretch out your arms and crawl forward;Then look forward, after waiting for hip to pass, can raise head, straight waist, stand.

12, try not to step on the grass covered, see the following empty and solid trail;Try to get over or around the past;Otherwise, you may fall down a hill or into a deep pit.

13, try not to be a road breaker in the summer and autumn season, unless you can beat the grass, or you are very alert and very good at finding snakes on the road and have a way to deal with it.

14, try not to go up the mountain alone, if up, will often do sign;I can’t go back.

15, try not to call 110 and so on, because their understanding of the mountains far less than often climb the hiking friends.You can call them.Don’t panic if there’s no phone.In the mountains, spring, summer and autumn three seasons, normal people do not sleep or eat for a night, frozen deathless hunger deathless.All you have to do is go down a ravine, down the river.

16, try not to jump down for a long, continuous time, unless you often do this exercise;If you participate in this activity, it is recommended that you try to use the suspension jump, or use the alpenstock to support the lower part of the body after suspension, to reduce the height, reduce impact, and avoid knee injury.At the end of the day you may have jumped a third less than your fellow travelers.

17. Try not to wade through the river whose water level exceeds the crotch after heavy rain.It doesn’t matter how well you swim.If you have to cross and no rope and other crossing equipment, to choose the river as far as possible wide water slow shallow water, the river bottom more gentle place, looking for a big stone to hold in your arms, small bow step upstream, do not lift feet, stick to the river bottom, slow move across the river.

18, try not to climb in a thunderstorm, open the phone or call the phone;God will tell you to go to him.

19, try not to climb after the rain or through the mudstone mixed geological structure lot.

20, try not to use their own pinky than thin ordinary rope to vertical hanging pull yourself;It can only be used as an auxiliary sling.

Try not to climb their own feel hesitant rock, to give up;If I have to climb, I have to think of my contingency plan in case I miss and do not regret, then I can climb.

22, try not to snow and ice world mountain, alone downhill slide;The best pair of about 10 meters rope, the top person pull rope release another person down the mountain;Then the men above slipped themselves, and the men below, for protection, kept him from rushing down the hill with ropes;Take turns to protect each other.

23, try not to climb while watching the scenery;You are likely to lose both your feet and your body.

24, try not to follow a donkey on the road;You need to stop for 15 minutes or so, look around for a few seconds, look for a frame of reference, and remember your way around.Don’t go home without losing it.

Try not to climb the mountain, and others and their own competition;In the face of your own inability to deal with danger and difficulty, dare to say “I can’t, I have to go around”.

26, try not to climb the mountain covered with sweat, suddenly jump into the water to swim;Also do not meet the draught, figure cool.

27, try not to drill you are not familiar with the cave, especially less exit cave and no reliable friends to keep the door for you;They say there are three holes in the hare, and then there are people.Remember safety first.

28, try not to load down the mountain running, inertia may let you rushed down the mountain, injured.

29, try not to be timid and on the steep slope, use two feet close to the small step, positive slope;It’s very easy to fall backwards and then slide down the mountain. It’s dangerous.You can use side, squat, side press (side lunge), move step down the mountain;It’s safe and fast.

30, try not to climb in the process, legs trembling or dizzy or breathing hard, continue to climb;The team leader should be notified immediately, or tell a friend nearby.

31, try not to use fire on the mountain, especially open fire;Unless you want to roast yourself as a whole lamb.

Try not to litter on the mountain, unless you want to climb the garbage mountain.

33, try not to walk at the head or end of the team, it is best to set, take the initiative to move the leader’s mobile phone number.

34, try not to complain in the process of the activity, because no one forced you or cheat you or ask you to participate in this civil, non-profit risk activities.

35、Try not to rely too much on others in the activity, more communication more consult, more independent observation, more help more understanding.

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