Choose the best time to travel in different areas of our country

Generally speaking, the climate of a region has a relatively stable annual change.For example, the climate of hainan island is long in summer but not in winter, kunming is like spring all the year round, xi ‘an is distinct in four seasons, and Harbin is long in winter and short in summer. People often divide it into different climate types according to the annual changes of this climate.There are four longitudinal heat zones in the eastern region of China, and significant differences in the southern region. In the evaluation of the tourism climate comfort of eastern cities, we also use this classification method for reference.According to the annual changes of urban climate comfort, cluster analysis method is adopted to divide urban tourism climate comfort into three types, which are named after the most comfortable season. The details are as follows:

(1) summer-comfortable climate refers to the warm and cool climate in summer and the cold and uncomfortable climate in winter.High latitudes are mainly distributed in the north of our country, namely the north latitude 40.6 ° north of provinces and cities, including Harbin, long spring, yanbian, shenyang, chengde, dalian, winter cold, the five city comprehensive climate comfort degree is low, comfortable and cool summer climate, suitable for tourist activities, is the best place for summer, 5 – year September is the best period, comfortable period is 6 months, more uncomfortable period is longer than the other.

(2) spring and autumn comfort type refers to the climate type with appropriate spring and autumn, cold winter and hot summer.It is mainly distributed in the vast area of latitude 24.5 ~ 39.8° north, including Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, jinan, Qingdao, lianyungang, nanjing, suzhou, Shanghai, hangzhou, wenzhou, fuzhou, xiamen and other 14 cities.Spring and autumn have high comfort and long duration, suitable for tourism activities.The comfortable period is mostly in april-june and 9-0 months, and the uncomfortable period is mostly in january-february and December. The comfortable period is generally 5-6 months, and the uncomfortable period is relatively short, especially in cities from nanjing to xiamen.

(3) suitable climate in winter refers to a climate with comfortable climate in winter and sultry climate in summer.It is mainly distributed in the south subtropical and tropical regions of China, namely between 18.1 and 23.4° north latitude, including shantou, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, zhanjiang, haikou, sanya and other cities. These seven cities have a warm climate and high comfort in winter, making them good places for winter tourism.Summer climate sultry, low comfort, less suitable for tourism.Most of the comfortable periods are from January to April and November to December, and most of the uncomfortable periods are from June to September. Except for zhuhai, haikou and sanya, all other cities have comfortable periods.The comfort period is usually 6 months, up to 8 months.Sanya is always summer without winter, summer half a year climate is hot, the comfort period is shorter for 4 months.

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