Dark skin should also be protected from the sun and understand the meaning of SPF and PA.

Sun protection is so important for outdoor activities that many travelers are confused about what to do with their sunscreen, which is labeled with SPF and PA.


Suit oneself is good

According to yu bing, an associate professor of dermatology at the first affiliated hospital of henan university of traditional Chinese medicine, SPF is an international standard that stands for protection against light and ultraviolet rays.Say objectively, prevent bask in the discretion of index to be able to reflect to prevent bask in the product to ultraviolet protection ability size.The higher the two values, the better the protection effect.However, the need to pay attention to is that, the higher the protection coefficient, the higher the sensitivity of sunscreen products, easy to cause contact dermatitis, the appearance of smeared parts of papules, itching and so on.

Generally, the lowest sunscreen index of sunscreen products is spf2-6, the medium sunscreen index is 6-8, the products in the range of spf12-20 are high-intensity sunscreen products, and the products with SPF value between 20-30 are ultra-high high-intensity sunscreen products.

About how choose and buy suits oneself to use prevent bask in taste, recommend the following 3 standards.Indoor work, should choose about SPF10, PA+ sunscreen products;Outdoor workers recommend using SPF20 left right, PA++ sunscreen;For activities under the hot sun and sea bathing, it is advisable to use good water-resistant sunscreen products, such as SPF30 and PA+++ products.Of course, protective coefficient is tall prevent bask in taste better prevention and cure action to sexual dermatitis of the sun sex, have the effect that prevents pigment to deepen to fleck, chloasma.


Black skin needs no sun protection

Because a lot of people do not pay attention to prevent bask in at the beginning, the skin blackens, think to apply sunscreen again is no longer useful.The expert reminds you, when the skin has blacken, dry, descaling and the phenomenon that lack water, express skin to had been basked in, need to bask in more at this moment article caress, cooperate to use a few bask in at the same time hind repair protect kind of product.

The dermatological department outpatient service of summer, often see the patient that suffers from the dermatitis of solar sex, solar sex urticaria comes to complain.They say sunscreen doesn’t work for them, and it’s useless to use it.Experts say it’s not that sunscreen doesn’t work, it’s that they don’t use enough of it.

Many people think that as long as the use of sunscreen cosmetics, you can prevent light.Actually this is a mistake area, prevent the effect that basks in things to prevent light and its actual coating amount is closely related.Prevent bask in taste the coating quantity that sets in determination method is every square centimeters 2 milligram, and actual investigation discovers, the usage amount of most people is 0 only.Five milligrams, that’s only a quarter of the amount.When the coating amount by half, its anti – light effect decreased by 50% ~ 60%.That’s why so many people still tan and burn with sunscreen.


Take a bottle of sunscreen with you

In order to make sunscreen products really play a role in the sun protection, experts suggest that the application should be careful to use enough.To make the skin has sufficient absorption time, want to use half an hour before going out.As a result of bask in bask in article absorb ultraviolet ray to have certain saturated degree, outdoor activity person should take a bottle of bask in milk, every every two hours repeat daub.Not only face, arms, neck and other exposed areas to daub, eyes around the special sunscreen cream.If the face or eyes are sunburned, should be timely with ice water or ice cucumber cold compress.

Finally, sunscreen cosmetics are not just for young people.Because ultraviolet radiation can make skin collagen decomposition, promote skin aging, wrinkles, so, for the elderly, choose moisturizing sunscreen cosmetics is more important.

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