How did you wash your clothes on the trip

If the hotel is equipped with coin-operated washing machines and dryers, you will be lucky. You just need to coin to buy a bag of washing powder.In case did not sell washing powder, it does not matter, back to the room will Soap rub broken, or take Shampoo, Bath Gel pour in, can also wash fragrant clothes, the effect is better than washing powder.

What if you don’t have a washing machine?

Ask the concierge first. Is there a cheap laundromat just outside?Or, ask your room attendant if anyone would like to do laundry for you?My experience is that the more backward the place, the more expensive the hotel laundry fees, eat you into the net, eat you helpless — hey, I will ask who is willing to part-time private.On a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, I spent $5 on a week’s worth of sweaty laundry, but don’t expect them to use an iron. It’s nice and dry.

My alternative is to shower (including Shampoo, Bath Gel) while trampling on the clothes (especially effective against undergarments and socks, like a club mallet or washboard).Wait to wash bath, clothings also washed probably, rub with clear water next one rub, jilt one jilt can.

The next step is to dry it.Where to hang it?Never hang it out in the bathroom. The humidity is too high.Nor does it work in the clothes-cupboard, which is less likely to dry and smells musty.I suggest: wash out before taking out, as much as possible wring dry, like a roll like wring dry before spreading out.If can’t wring dry clothings, can spread out to put on big bath towel directly (or bedspread, blanket, quilt) go up, roll a roll, let it absorb water (be wicked).

Usually, I hang my clothes near the air conditioner (heating) blow dryer or in the air conditioner (heating) area.The trick is to run the clothes through a rope to dry — oh, you must ask, where did I get my rope from?Ah, the nylon rope I brought from home, of course.Remember, but also with a hook, tied at both ends of the rope, convenient suspension.Or hang out of a window so the wind doesn’t blow away.

If you don’t have a rope, don’t worry. Move a chair to a place where the air conditioner (heater) blows directly into the chair.If the room has a heater, that’s great, just leave it open and steam it dry.But when it’s dry, pick it up and press it with a heavy object, rolling out wrinkles and rubbing them — I do this by flattening it out on the towel, pressing it upside down, or placing it under the mattress.Look in the closet and see if there is an electric iron.If not, borrow it from the counter, iron it first, dry it, and iron it again in the morning.

Plus, I have a trick that works especially well with socks.Spreading socks over lamp and wall lamp shades works well, but be careful not to touch the bulbs.

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