Outdoor first aid two bamboos and one rope can be used as stretcher.

At 11:30 a.m. yesterday, a group of people wearing orange vests gathered at the gate of the people’s park. They were part of chengdu’s comprehensive emergency volunteer service team, learning emergency measures in the face of emergencies.

A member of a mountain rescue team teaches people how to use a stretcher.

“When someone is injured in outdoor sports or in an emergency, proper stretchers are needed to carry the injured.”With that, the rescuers demonstrated.

He picked up two pieces of bamboo about two meters long and placed them 30 centimeters apart side by side. Then he picked up a rope 20 meters long and began to tie knots around the two pieces of bamboo.

After winding more than 20 knots, rescuers began to fix each node.”This makes sure the ropes are balanced.”He said.

In less than ten minutes the stretcher was made.Besides bamboo, doors and wood can also be used, as long as they are strong enough to support the wounded.

In addition to the 11 member teams, there are also citizen teams, which are organized through registration, have a relatively rich knowledge of the outdoors, and are willing to do voluntary work.Usually these team members will do some voluntary work such as traffic assistance and order maintenance.

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