Circular/sprial type Mosi2 Molybdenum Disilicide furnace heating element


Product Description

Product name:Barbecue grill

Product specifications:Length 390mm* Width 305mm5* Height 215mm 

Material: Stainless steel

Product Features:Lightweight portable operation, simple design, and reasonable installation-free.



1.Open a small box inside. It is very light and easy to carry.

2.When the four legs are folded down, the carbon box will drop, so that the barbecue can begin, easy to operate

3.The baking mesh can be drawn out, and there is a carbon mesh inside, the ash is dropped down.The design is reasonable, and the use is convenient.


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    The manufacturer gave us a big discount under the premise of ensuring the quality of products, thank you very much, we will select this company again.
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    In general, we are satisfied with all aspects, cheap, high-quality, fast delivery and good procuct style, we will have follow-up cooperation!