SK4 Smokeless grill car, commercial, environmentally friendly, large charcoal moving stand, no smoke purifier, grill truck


Product Description

Product name:smoke-free barbecue truck

Main materials: stainless steel, purifier, centrifugal fan

Product advantages: smoke-free environmental protection, beautiful generous, fast smoke, quiet fan, easy to clean material, multiple protection, energy efficient

Product specifications: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m*0.77m*1.45m, customized style


Product Considerations

  • The installation location of the purifier shall be low-lying with foundation pad and fixed with expansion bolt, and there shall be enough maintenance space nearby.

  • Small air volume purifier can not deal with large air volume exhaust, the actual air volume must be configured and installed.

  • The purifier should not bear heavy weights up and down, or the purifier will deform and lead to failure. Support frame can be used for supporting pipes.

  • Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and debug.

  • Air outlets should be properly treated.

  • When maintaining, open the net tube to discharge internal oil stains.

  • The oil inside the purifier should be cleaned every 20 days to a month or so.

  • Please electrify the equipment for a trial period before installation to check whether the electrode of the machine will be offset during transportation or handling.

Daily Maintenance

  • There should be a special person in charge of the daily maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  • Apply household detergent to gently scrub the outer surface and clean with water.

  • According to the amount of oil smoke, regularly dump the oil in the oil storage tank (box), do not let the oil spill.

  • According to the use of users, generally every 20 days to a month to remove the tuyere baffle furnace, clean up the inside of the oil.

  • Long-term operation, the purifier store a large amount of oil, should be promptly arranged to clean up.

Cleaning Steps Of Purifier

  • Leak will shut off the power, open source box, Paula, let stand for 10 minutes or so, then the next steps (during this time, can prepare a can accommodate purifier basin) open the purification tank, remember that the placement of the left and right sides of the purifier direction and position of high and low voltage wiring (directly use their phones to take pictures record) will be the fixed terminal nut down (generally in the purifier edges will be packed in a single screw), in place, then with the line on the nut off, hands gently and slowly pull the purifier.

  • (longer, purify is sharp, please be careful when) will remove the filter into the prepared pan, hot water and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to 5:1 ratio to join soaking container, soak for half an hour to an hour, then rinse with water cannons flush air purifier, according to the location of the photograph before, direction, connection, can be installed to ensure earth grounding (lower left the iron chain, must ensure that direct contact with the ground), and, turning on the power supply on leakage, can be used.


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    In general, we are satisfied with all aspects, cheap, high-quality, fast delivery and good procuct style, we will have follow-up cooperation!
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    Speaking of this cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer, I just want to say"well dodne", we are very satisfied.