Some tips on hitchhiking go out without money!

It is easier to achieve a simple trust between the hitchhiker and the hitchhiker in a foreign country, which I think is the fundamental reason.But as Chinese people’s lives get better and more people begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction, hitchhiking is bound to rise in China. After all, it is also a very interesting way to travel.It’s all about seeing different landscapes. Why stick to a single process, isn’t it?So here are a few tips on ride-sharing.

1. Hitchhiking gesture: thumb up, internationally accepted.

It can rock back and forth to attract the driver’s attention.This gesture should be known to everyone, but in general the purpose is to attract the attention of the driver, not to make others feel rude.

2. Be familiar with the map.

Look at the map more, do your homework, know that you will pass through the township, it is difficult to take a car to the destination, more often need a section of the ride, the driver may only to a certain town to drop you.

3. Where can I get a lift?

General highway (national highway province road county and township road) : in the road from the town a little farther from the road block, car more people less is the king.The closer you are to your life, the harder it is to get a ride.Highway: you can ask the gas station driver when filling the gas on the highway, stop the car at the entrance of the highway, you can also go through the toll station to the fork, but don’t go too far, one is too fast, two is the principle of the highway is not allowed pedestrians.The driver may drop you off at a freeway exit somewhere, walk down the freeway to the front entrance and continue to stop.Don’t go too far. Safety first!

4. What do you tell the driver?

Smile: “hello, I’m going to XXX direction, can I get a ride?/ can you take me for a while?”Go to XXX direction, don’t say too far, generally say you want to pass by the next county direction.You start in chengdu to Tibet take the general say: I go ya ‘an direction, can take a car?Don’t come up in chengdu and say master can I get a ride to Lhasa…Why not explain…Before getting on the car certain affirmation accept not to accept money, take a free ride general don’t give money, but you have to be responsible for chat with the driver to solve a problem.In a word, after getting on the bus, you have to communicate with the driver more, increase the driver’s liking for you, no harm, believe me.

5. What’s an easy ride?

Student outfit is the most easy to catch a free ride, the teacher will be interested in your clothes, you get a pull box with the road side waiting for most can only catch the coach…Make sure it’s clean, no one wants to ride with a dirty backpacker…

6. Take a ride.

One person is definitely the best. You can squeeze a seat out of nowhere.

2 people a male a female is a match, the girl is the driver killer is responsible for the car, the boy is responsible for the road chat with the driver, take care of girls.

Two girls are also very easy to ride the car, driving is very boring, can pick up two girls to accompany the chat very good ~~

Two boys are a little difficult, the driver generally dare not stop.If you have more than two people, you won’t be able to get a ride, even if the driver wants to show you seats

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