Summer outdoor sports considerations sun protection is crucial.

1, prevent bask in

Summer coast crossing or mountain climbing, the sun is quite strong, be sure to pay attention to the sun.Generally speaking, the team starts in the morning, and it is nearly noon when they arrive at the starting point.The highest temperature at this time, the sun like fire, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is particularly strong, long time exposure to the sun, the skin will cause 1~2 degrees of burns, and heat stroke will occur.Ultraviolet radiation can also pass through the skin, bones, radiation to the meninges, retina, brain and eyeball damage.

What to do: avoid firebreaks along shorelines and ridges in hot weather.Take part in the general activities must take sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, wear long sleeve jacket, and take shishui, rendan, huoxiang zhengqi pills, cooling oil and other medicines.

2, water

Summer outdoor sports sweat more, must timely supplement water, but if the drinking water way is wrong, it will cause adverse consequences.Many models in beverage advertisements, during exercise or at rest, tend to drink a bottle of beverage, which seems to quench their thirst. In fact, from the perspective of exercise physiology, it is very harmful.Exercise and exercise after a lot of water, the blood circulation system, digestive system, especially to the heart increase the burden, resulting in more fatigue.The result of drinking a lot of water is just sweating more, leading to further loss of salt and causing cramps and cramps.

What to do: drink only a few sips of water each time, often. Don’t rely on the feeling of thirst as a basis for hydration.Don’t drink a lot of water at once, but don’t control hydration. If you don’t get enough, it can lead to kidney failure.

Generally speaking, a day’s activities around nanning (5-8 hours) in summer requires at least 2-3 liters of drinking water, and even 6 liters of water at high temperatures.Recommended carrying amount: more than 4 bottles of 600 ml water, more than 1 bottle of 550 ml sports drink (grape or sweet), 50 grams of pickled vegetables.You can also prepare your own sports drinks. The formula is: some green tea or black tea (2 small bags in bags), some fruity powder beverage such as fruit juice, some glucose, and a little salt (optional, physiological salt for medical use is the best).

3. Fever (heat exhaustion, heat stroke)

Summer to participate in outdoor sports, because the temperature is high, the amount of exercise, the heat accumulation of the body than send out more, if not pay attention to prevention, it is easy to have fever, fever for heat exhaustion slightly, serious heat stroke (that is, heat stroke).Exercise in hot weather, the body in order to reduce the temperature, the skin blood vessels will expand, and will cause the phenomenon of water loss due to a lot of sweat, circulation to the brain and other important parts of the blood will be reduced to an abnormal degree.The result is a rapid pulse, cold, moist skin, dizziness, weakness, and nausea, known as heat exhaustion.Cool if not handled in time, the temperature of the body further accumulation and make key organs of the body temperature rises to dangerous levels, can appear urgent symptoms: pulse fast, weakness, headache, mental state changes (is unconscious or unable to cooperate, slowly into a coma), skin is hot and hot flashes, said that the Ming heatstroke have occurred, if not handled in time, will have life risk.

What to do: marching requires hats, long coats, and long pants to protect the body from sun and grass and brambles, but that poses a heat dissipation problem.To help body heat escape, wet your hat with water while walking in the sun.Remove your hat when walking where the sun does not shine.When you have a rest, try to put down your backpack and unbutton the collar of your jacket.The best place to rest is the sun and ventilation of the place.

March on the way to pay attention to the rhythm, a walk should not be more than an hour, high temperature about 30 minutes rest once, according to the specific situation rest 5 to 15 minutes, so as to avoid rapid pulse, high temperature and excessive sweating caused by heat stroke.Also, take care to replenish water, salt and electrolytes along the way, and bring along anti-heat medications.

If muscle cramps occur, find a place to rest immediately, massage the area where the cramping occurs, and slowly relax and stretch the muscles in the area where the cramping occurs. The most important thing is to replenish water and electrolytes in time.

After appearing heat exhaustion, must rest immediately, had better be to seek a cool and cool place, raise the patient’s feet, put the head slightly low, add moisture and electrolyte and the thing of liquid immediately, take next 10 drops of water, person Dan, huoxiang zhengqi pill wait for heatproof medicaments.

When heat stroke occurs, it must be dealt with immediately.Patients may be unable to cooperate due to blurred consciousness, and patients must be helped to a cool place, using steam cooling method, sprinkle water evenly on the patient’s body and head, and constantly blowing, (preferably with ice, wrapped in a towel on the head, body cooling).When the body temperature returns to normal, there is no need to cool it down.However, continue to observe the patient’s temperature and body condition, because the temperature may rise again and need to be cooled again.If the patient has no problem with the vomiting reflex and swallowing ability, the patient can be given cold liquid objects, replenish water and electrolytes and liquid things, and take shididripping, rendan, huoxiangzhengqi pills and other anti-heat drugs.

Generally speaking, most patients with heat exhaustion can continue to complete the follow-up activities after they return to normal after treatment.Severe heat stroke patients, unless recovery is very good, it is recommended to find someone to accompany the patient out of the activity.

4. Heat and colds

Summer sports in high temperature, the internal heat production of the human body fast, a large number of capillary expansion of the skin, in order to benefit the body heat dissipation.If encountered too cold stimulation, will make the body surface has been open pores suddenly close, causing the body internal organs function disorder, brain temperature regulation disorder, resulting in illness, usually occurs “hot cold”, that is, summer cold, and even more serious disease.

Countermeasures: during the summer march, sweating, if there are mountain springs, streams, ponds, or passing by the sea, do not coveting to cool off and immediately jump into a cool bath.Even after the activity is over, wait for your body temperature to cool down before taking a cold shower when you arrive at your destination.After the activity, if you return to the air conditioning vehicle or in the air conditioning room, be sure not to open the air conditioning directly to the body blowing, it is better to open the Windows to cool down with natural wind, and wait for the body temperature to drop down before opening the air conditioning.

5, and cold drinks

In summer, it is very enjoyable to participate in outdoor activities, if you have iced drinks to eat, but during or after the activity, you should not eat large quantities of cold drinks.Cold drinks not only reduce the temperature of the stomach, but also dilute the gastric juice, so as to damage the physiological function of the stomach, causing dyspepsia, diarrhea and so on, and leading to acute gastritis.

What to do: a small amount of cold drinks to cool down, but not too much, according to the specific situation.Drink a few times the iced drinks you bring before you leave.After the activity, wait until your body temperature drops significantly before drinking frozen drinks or beer.

6, clothes

Summer outdoor sports a lot of sweat, clothes quickly soaked, many people arrived at the destination, often let the clothes wet, trying to rely on their own body temperature dry clothes.Doing so is extremely harmful and can lead to diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis in the long run.

What to do: pack a change of dry clothes (especially a top) and a coat in your backpack before you go to the event, and immediately change your wet clothes when you get to your destination.During the rest of the activity, in the case of very strong wind, if the rest time is long, you should put on the coat in time, otherwise the wind will take away a lot of heat in the body, people’s body alternating heat and cold, it is easy to cause disease.

To go to the lavatory sweat volatilization and come loose heat, the outer garment that goes outdoors activity had better buy chemical fiber composition fast dry dress, best is fast dry the clothes that prevents ultraviolet ray, pants leg had better can disassemble come down.

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