To go diving, there are a few things you must know.

The necessary learning of diving

Including the use of breathing tube and regulator, water rest method, emergency treatment and so on.

The preparation before entering the water is very important.Check the function of the equipment by yourself, and check with each other again.

Entry position: head-on upright dive – water depth more than 1.5 meters, feet open in front and behind, one hand holding the mask, the other hand on the air tube strap.Back into the water – sit on the boat facing inward and back into the water.Front sitting into the water – for beginners.Side into the water – then float and roll into the water on the dinghy.

Dive: B.C. (buoyancy adjuster) method – used with buoyancy adjuster, heavy belt, on head and foot.Don’t use B.C.- on the bottom of the head.

Rising: keep the rising speed within 18 meters per minute, that is, don’t exceed the rising speed of your own exhaled bubbles.Don’t stop breathing;When looking up at the water, you can point the direction with your right hand. Pay attention to your back and slowly rotate your body.

The following patients are not suitable for diving:

cold, neuropathy, ear and nose diseases, high (low) blood pressure, drunk, diabetes.

The difference between snorkeling and scuba diving:

scuba diving refers to the scuba diving method in which the diver carries an oxygen tank to breathe for a long time.Skin diving is about diving when you can hold your breath;Until you can’t hold your breath anymore.

The rules of scuba diving:

two people together principle: two people from the water to the shore must be together;Coaches must not allow their companions to disembark on their own;The two keep in touch.What to do when you’re alone: stay calm, float a few meters, and look for company.Rise to the surface when you can’t find it. Watch for bubbles., still no sign of companions, should return to the entry point.Do not kill aquatic animals if it is not necessary.Check residual manometer allowance every 10 m.

A few common gestures:

I’m fine now – “OK”, notice the direction – “index finger indicates direction”, float up – “right fist, thumb up”, dive – “right fist, thumb down”.Adjust ear pressure: for the first time diving or diving for a short time, the pressure of water will make people’s ear canal feel uncomfortable, even painful.At this point, the application of the hand hold the nose, force to the nasal cavity air, so that the pressure within the ear canal rise, offset the pressure of water.Dive again, pain in ear canal is unbearable, should rise immediately, do not try to be brave.

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