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Summer outdoor sports considerations sun protection is crucial.

1, prevent bask in Summer coast crossing or mountain climbing, the sun is quite strong, be sure to pay attention to the sun.Generally speaking, the team starts in the morning, and it is nearly noon when they arrive at the starting point.The highest temperature at this time, the sun like fire, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is particularly strong, long time expo

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35 common sense outdoor travel tips to remember.

1. Try not to stand on a loose rock, bend down and reach down to pull someone your weight.To lean back, pull your hands as close to your legs as possible as you can.Or use a piece of rope. 2, try not to shake hands with two people, from the bottom up people;Hold each other’s wrists. 3, try not to use dry branches or weeds or the diameter of your thumb than the t

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To go diving, there are a few things you must know.

The necessary learning of diving Including the use of breathing tube and regulator, water rest method, emergency treatment and so on. The preparation before entering the water is very important.Check the function of the equipment by yourself, and check with each other again. Entry position: head-on upright dive – water depth more than 1.5 meters, feet open in fr

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Those distress calls we can’t forget in the wild.

According to their own situation and the surrounding environmental conditions, send out different distress signals.Typically, the three repetitions represent a call for help. Smoke signals Firelight is very effective as a contact signal.Distress can be based on their own situation: in order to ensure its reliability, during the day on the fire put some moss, green bra

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How did you wash your clothes on the trip

If the hotel is equipped with coin-operated washing machines and dryers, you will be lucky. You just need to coin to buy a bag of washing powder.In case did not sell washing powder, it does not matter, back to the room will Soap rub broken, or take Shampoo, Bath Gel pour in, can also wash fragrant clothes, the effect is better than washing powder. What if you don&#821

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Seven golden rules to know when leading a team you only live once.

You only live once!You only live once!You only live once!Many times the life and death of a team lies in the leader’s mind. Life only once, please make “choice”, safety is always the first element of playing outdoors, but also the team leader must master the first element, please always remember: safety is always the first!Safety comes first!Safety c

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